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bullet image Texas DA Accused of Stealing From Motorists Wants To Defend Herself With Money She’s Accused of Stealing From Motorists – Radley’s got another one of those true stories you just can’t make up.

bullet image ALL Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to be outlawed by City of LA. This would require any marijuana patients in L.A. to drive somewhere else, or grow their own. This is bad news, but, to put it in perspective…. medical marijuana patients in Illinois were heard jointly playing the world’s tiniest violin for them.

bullet image SANHO TREE: The drug war has failed, so what’s next?

bullet image Get Serious about Decriminalizing Drugs; Others Are by Tim Lynch and Juan Carlos Hidalgo at Cato

bullet image DrugSense Weekly – a weekly review of the most interesting or relevant articles in the press and on the web related to drug policy reform.

bullet imageDrug War Chronicle – weekly update of drug war news and analysis from Stop the Drug

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  1. DdC says:

    medical marijuana patients in Illinois were heard jointly playing the world’s tiniest violin for them.

    … along with the same Teabog Ditties who Cheered when Chicago and the US Lost the Olympic bid, jobs and tax revenue. Fucking redneck farmers need to wear hats, too much sun?

    Dobbs joins Beck, Limbaugh in cheering Chicago’s lost Olympic bid.

    We’re number one again!
    Hey its a frickin business selling a Ganjawar.
    What’s all the mystery?

    $25k x 2,293,157 = $57,328,925,000.00 taxable profits.

    “Narcotics police are an enormous, corrupt international bureaucracy … and now fund a coterie of researchers who provide them with ‘scientific support’ … fanatics who distort the legitimate research of others…

    The anti-marijuana campaign is a cancerous tissue of lies, undermining law enforcement, aggravating the drug problem, depriving the sick of needed help, and suckering well-intentioned conservatives and countless frightened parents.”
    ~William F. Buckley,
    Commentary in The National Review, April 29, 1983, p. 495

    Lies Our Drug Warriors Told Us

    Booze Prohibition was just a business, selling oil, same as Iraq, no bid contracts for teabog ditti corporations, same corporations perpetuating the Ganjawar. Same business tactics to rid them of competition. $300,000,000.00 in Hemp products sold last year, not grown by family farmers, Indians or Mexicans instead of freaking out Texacans and Lou Dobbs. Just business, and the business of gullibles arguing over hobgoblins perpetuating it. ConPromises on flat out lies. Sheep appeasing their political dictates.

    Selling the poor to private cages bringing more taxes than minimum wages. Its a frickin job, don’t ask, just do what your told and keep it going. Then elected lobbyist cowards mouthfart teabog ditties into paying for it. Jerking off their plastic flags made in Thailand slave labor camps. Kids breathing toxins while their teabog parents cheer on Monsanto acid raining it down upon them. Or spraying poisons on cotton, aborting bible belt babies and what do the brainiacs thimktankers debate, future soothsayings, ms cleo blabberings of how to control what isn’t even real?

    Can’t state the facts that 98% of the pot eradications in the US are wild unkept ditchweed. Non psychoactive burlap and yet lets ConPromise 215 with a SB420, cause the stupid fucking cops carrying loaded weapons keep getting confused, and then cry for exactness and teabog tie wraps to make some of the action. Cowards and Traitors locking up neighbors your proud DARE graduate turned in, while peeping in their bedroom windows. Be proud teabog dittie drug worriers.

    Sending your jobs off on NAFTA gravy trains. Textiles shut down, Monsanto frankencotton killing India without our insolence. Could process Hemp in the same teabog states. Or for car parts in Detroit, Hemp wood in Orleans. Nutritional supplements in the grease and lardburgers. Same buyers clubs for adults if not for the politikan and self appointed moralist “believers” Dressed in chemical smells, botox smiles, suit and tie bubblegum. 200 sects of Christians blaming the other ones, no accountability, in the real time real world at least. Or Moose and Legionaries, Elks and Masons asleep at the wheel. looking for uniforms with name tags and rank. Blind allegiance to B movie actors pisstasting their kids out of college tuition.

    While the suits steal the tax funds and the corporate media points to the poor and the Hippies to blame. How many join them and say they want Freedom? Say they want to end the wars and yet still buy from the same DEAth Merchants. Hypocrites aren’t exclusive of GOPerverts and DNCrats. Both sides make a Ganjawar happen and both sides profit arguing over red herrings and semantics while true Patriots rot in cages. The Ganjawar is over… Go Home!

    Same ole shit different teabog ditties!

  2. ezrydn says:

    Followup on Mexico’s Decrim Law:

    Since it’s passage, I’ve been “noticing” more usage in the open. People on bicycles pedal past a “Policia” truck while smoking a joint. A Policia truck stops at a light where a bus stop is next to the truck. Citizens are sitting there, waiting for the bus, enjoying a joint.

    The police were just as aware as I was as I watched them look but they made no move to speak to anyone.

    That’s what I’m seeing from Mexico’s new Decrim Law. Would they act that way toward an Anglo? I don’t have an answer to that yet.

  3. Pete says:

    That’s fascinating, ezrydn.

    Of course, the police can stop someone for smoking a joint. Perhaps because they don’t get an arrest (or fine/kickback) out of it, there’s just no incentive to do so?

    I would assume that they’d still stop someone if they were acting obnoxious or disruptive while smoking a joint.

  4. kaptinemo says:

    What EZ is describing is what the prohibs are terrified of: the normalization of use. In other words, acknowledging that what was once hidden becomes overt.

    When cannabis use is hidden, it is an expression of the prohib’s power over the rest of society. When use becomes overt, that power vanishes. And that’s what they’re scared of. And given that Mexico is far less affluent a society than the US, to try to use government resources to enforce pointless laws in the face of responsible overt usage is to risk the ire of those who could become politically active

    Drug Prohibition started in the US, which was like throwing a rock into the world’s pond. The waves went out to the shore of the rest of the world, and you’d normally expect the returning waves to be just weaker versions of the original one coming back.

    But this time, it’s decriminalization that’s returning from the shore, not more prohibition. The global economic crisis, which also originated here, has made a bigger splash than any prohib policy could, and the waves from that are swamping the much smaller waves caused by the prohibs.

    So, the rest of the world is turning away from drug prohibition, and it will be those returning waves that come back to the very place they started from. The US will probably be the last country to decrim/re-legalize, but that may not take as much time as you’d think, for things are changing rapidly, and we haven’t seen the last of the global credit crunch effects domestically yet. One more hard turn of the screw, and more here will be suffering…and will have no patience with those wasting their tax dollars on fripperies like the DrugWar when ‘Rome is burning’.

  5. DdC says:

    Pretty general Pete, what words are you having trouble with?

  6. DdC says:

    Pete, according to your statement, the entire Illinois misnomered medical marijuana movement is playing tiny violins about LA Buyers Clubs, like good for them and we care less since we live in a backward state full of illiterate rednecks that would rather bash Obama and Hippies than grow Hemp as a salvation to their bankrupt family farmers. Or let their own sick citizens use RxGanja. So if you can’t have it the hell with everyone else. Typical of the entire misnomered “marijuana” movement. Now CANORML wants to wait til its politically correct, or continue reaping the profits of a partial prohibition. Just because Nixon lied and scheduled Ganja falsely doesn’t mean the LA Buyers Clubs did it. Just because they are making a fortune on prohibition doesn’t mean it still isn’t caused by prohibition. Entrepreneurs have taken advantage of situations through out our History. Prohibition is the lie keeping Illinoisans from their herbal relief, not stoners in CA. Teabogs burning CD’s or Crosses are playing the same tiny violins as your jealous Ganja patients. Thats the point. Everybody’s in it for their own selfishness I reckon. Well ok, I got mine screw the rest. CA growers are making a mint under quasi legal environments and the incentive is leaning more to keeping this status quo, than ending the lies.

  7. DdC says:

    Oh, and while I’m at it. Contrary to popular mythology, everyone in CA isn’t getting rich and everyone can’t grow it. Those with birth defects in HUD housing or renting from HUD approved housing are told they can’t grow or use because of the CSA and HUD. In spite of CA law the moneyslut property management and owners go around it, and the only alternative is Buyers Clubs, or now back to the streets. Many towns are still not complying with the state law and many have adopted bans, also totally disrespecting the law of Prop 215. So as long as prohibition exists in the US, these games will be played. Differently according to geographical locations and political environments.

    Until One movement to remove the lies of Nixon emerges its a combat zone and all bets are off. The “misnomered “medical marijuana” movement doesn’t have a patent on Ganja. The “Hemp Movement” against RxGanja either, and both “movements” are against stoners, and one of the main reasons why prohibition continues. To each their own measure of greed and the karma they get for it. Mary Jane has no Science base reason for being the favorite title of Ganja, other than Hearst stigmatizing it. So the lineage of Teabog ditties could fear it and what it might do to their lilly white daughters. Just like it did to Mari Juana. So in essence the “marijuana” movement is a BM. Equivalent to blacks wanting to free the niggers. Ignorance taught and used by scholars, politicians, reformers and rednecks alike. Pity the po fools as Mr Teabog Ditzo might say.

  8. truthtechnician says:

    I agree DdC, there’s an enormous incentive to keep the medical marijuana status quo in California because of the quasi-legal situation.

    You can grow with protection from the law while selling at black market prices. It couldn’t be better for people trying to make money in marijuana. That’s the dispensary boom in a nutshell.

  9. Osborne Perry Anderson says:

    Saw that ‘LA Outlaw’ coming a nautical mile away. Never thought treating the beneficial plant like a panacea was a good idea… now who is the dancing green prick I wonder! Too many teenagers with anxiety getting an easy dr. note… for anxiety… a common teenage condition? Makes me think of the ween ‘zoloft’ song and A.D.D. drugs given out like pez. Everybody has to eat but consumption capitalism and irresponsible marketing shouldn’t replace common-sense despite the profits. But that’s drug war gravity, everything moves towards the money!

  10. DdC says:

    “Emperor of Hemp” Jack Herer Improving, Moved Out of ICU
    Jack’s awake and out of ICU. He’s not talking yet or moving around much. He starts physical therapy on Monday. I just want to thank everyone so much for all the prayers and good wishes. They really seem to be working. Progress will probably be slow so please keep it up.

    Activist Dana Beal Busted in Nebraska
    Activist Dana Beal has been arrested with 150 pounds of pot in Nebraska; bail is set at $500,000.

    Activist David Malmo-Levine to be sentenced

    “I am a Drug War Widow” by Jodie Emery

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