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Elle Magazine:

  • Pot Stirring – Some are using marijuana as their drug of choice to curb anxiety

New York Times:

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  1. DdC says:

    Note: The title ‘Marijuana Use Holds Risks,
    Such As Drug Addiction’ was the USA Today headline
    above the first of three printed letters By Cyril H. Wecht, M.D.
    The emotional hysteria generated by any reference to marijuana usage ( illicit or medically authorized ) is a fascinating psychological-sociological phenomenon throughout the U.S. This exaggerated reaction can be traced back to the 1930s when Harry Anslinger, the head of the federal drug agency at the time, spent a lot of effort castigating marijuana usage. It is truly amazing that this perception lingers today.

    Marijuana Proven Effective in Treating Cancer
    The Times-Standard By Dave Stancliff October 18, 2009
    Marijuana opponents in the federal government are up against the wall and the wall is crumbling. The feds have fought marijuana use for decades, disregarding its medicinal applications, in a senseless war against the herb.

    Cannabis May Fight Auto-Immune Diseases
    Medical marijuana is being used to combat several diseases including AIDS Wasting Syndrome and Multiple Sclerosis.

    * Cash Strapped California Towns Eye Tax Hikes for MMJ
    * Report on Weed Use Prompts Call for Legalization
    * BC’s Business Case For Legalizing Marijuana
    * Former Columbian President Calls For Drug Decriminalization
    * Massachusetts Legislature to consider legalizing cannabis
    * ‘Mucha Chala’ in Argentina
    * NDP to Conservative Government: Don’t Extradite Marc Emery

    Was Pastor Jonathan Ayers MURDERED By Georgia Police?

  2. Hope says:

    Thank you, Ddc.

    Was Pastor Jonathan Ayers MURDERED By Georgia Police?

  3. DdC says:

    Georgia LEO’s have a long history of abuse Hope…

    Thorough Investigation for Rev. Ayers The Only Option

    Anger Spills Over at Killing of Kathryn Johnston

    DC Vote blocked by Barr

    Candyman Stoner

    Congress (has proposed in the past) that the amount of marijuana necessary to trigger the death penalty be substantially lowered. The “Drug Importer Death Penalty Act of 1997,” introduced by admitted former marijuana smoker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), would potentially sentence first offenders convicted of bringing more than 50 grams (less than two ounces) of marijuana across U.S. borders to life in prison without parole. Those offenders convicted for a second time — presumably the first offense would have been convicted before H.R. 41’s enactment — would be sentenced to death. Thirty-seven members of Congress are present cosponsors of this bill.

    But they did give us The Allman Brothers Band…
    Be well,

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