American Violet on DVD

American VioletAmerican Violet is an important and compelling film based on the real-life incident in Hearne, Texas where a large segment of the African-American population was busted on false drug charges in a massive operation. One young single mother, with the help of the ACLU, brought the house of cards down.

The film is available today on DVD and Blu-Ray. Get it now at Amazon or it’s also available through Netflicks Netflix.

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  1. ezrydn says:

    Good movie. Loved the ending where it showed “everyone’s got some dirt, somewhere.” LOL

  2. sixtyfps says:

    That’s Netflix, Pete.

  3. DdC says:


    Jack Herer Strives To Recover
    While The Fight For Hemp Goes On
    Jack Herer is recovering from a heart attack, but his mission to bring hemp into the spotlight as an answer for multiple problems, continues.

    Marijuana Activist Showing Signs of Improvement After Heart Attack (October 13, 2009 15:16)
    Medical Marijuana: Dangerous and Addicting?
    No Medical Evidence!
    Dr. Phil Leveque

    “Lets get Leveque” was the chant of the Oregon Medical Board during the early years of medical marijuana.

    (MOLALLA, Ore.) – Dr. Phillip LevequeReaders maybe startled to read this title as I was when it was scathingly thrown at me at a Kangaroo Court by the Oregon Medical Board – FBI (Foolish Beyond Ignorance). I couldn’t believe my ears.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes either as I saw some ten members of the Oregon Medical Board sit there like dunces with their pointy hats ostensibly believing and agreeing with every word of the Board Chairman Dr. Frank Spokas of Ontario, Oregon. Other members of the board seemed to be sitting there dumbly taking this all in.

    The High Cost of Empty Prisons thread

  4. Hope says:

    Hearne. Tulia. Narcotics Task Forces.

    This was Texas, really, just about all over, during that era.

    The Task Forces and all those that “served” in them, and those that just wanted to, want to be reborn.

    It was a free for all for those narcotics task forces. They want to “Play” again. They want “Back in the game”, again.

    Some people actually want them “back in the game” again, it seems.

    It was so obvious and so horrible.

    The audacity of it all.

  5. Hope says:

    This true story… this movie… brought to you courtesy of the Byrne Grant and more cops.

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