Yawn… marijuana cures cancer and stuff

Another day, another revelation that marijuana is… yawn… good for you.

Little things like

  • A study showing that lifetime marijuana use is associated with a “significantly reduced risk” of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.


  • This study showing that marijuana has dramatically different effects on lung function than tobacco does, with findings on lung capacity and airway resistance for marijuana users similar to those who did not smoke tobacco.


  • Another study showing once again that chemicals in cannabis can halt the proliferation of cancer [and now it’s many types of cancer].

This is really getting old.

But you all knew this, right? I’m sure they taught this in the schools, and that the Surgeon General has gone on the TeeVee to tell everyone to vaporize a moderate amount of pot on a regular basis as a preventative for cancer, right? And I’m sure that the website for U.S. Health and Human Services has information about the valuable properties of this plant for people’s health, right? After all, that’s their job. And I’m sure the media has regular health columns explaining the best way to use marijuana to take advantage of its healthful properties, just as they have had articles on drinking red wine in moderation for heart benefits, or using aspirin to prevent heart attacks.

You know what would be really funny? If they took something with such proven benefits as marijuana and told people they couldn’t use it, even though it could mean that some people might die. Can you imagine how pissed off people would get? There’d be riots at town hall meetings and stuff.

Boy, that could get pretty nasty.

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33 Responses to Yawn… marijuana cures cancer and stuff

  1. Chris says:

    man, sarcasm is awesome.

  2. Guy#1 says:

    Man Sarcasm is so not awesome. (sarcasm)

  3. Servetus says:

    Wine and aspirin are OTC drugs possessing a legitimized cash flow which can be skimmed to finance marketing campaigns dedicated to introducing newly discovered product health benefits in anticipation of producing increased sales.

    Cannabis can’t do that yet because it’s still illegal for recreational use. Marijuana profits often get diverted to lawyers’ bills and court fines instead of marketing campaigns. But then cannabis doesn’t need to eliminate symptoms of illness or prevent or cure diseases for people to want to use it. Marketing campaigns aren’t needed. The product sells itself.

    Press releases that specifically focus on cannabis health could be a useful segue to getting the attention of the press corps. I can’t imagine journalists not wanting to attend a cannabis health update. A good presentation complete with refreshments would go over really well.

  4. I love your idea. Man … it would be funny if someone (with the rime) made a mock-drug warrior site with “serious” articles that speak matter-of-factly of these atrocities.

    “Say NO to Naloxone! It is better for society if drug users die like flies”

    “Humiliating treatment and prison rapes: it’s the new preventive medicine”

    “The Drug user as Degenerate: why it’s important to polarize the debate”

    “My Mother’s 3 years of Naseau Hell until she died: an acceptable price to fight against the drug war”

    (the latter, regrettably, being a true and sad story for she who gave me life)

  5. kaptinemo says:

    Jesper, when you think of the literally millions of people who’ve died since 1974 (when the first study was made) , the issue becomes more one of whether there’s some kind of sick eugenics going on in order to cull those whose genetics are prone to cancer from the herd.

    Because when you think of it, just the usual rationales of corp-rat greed and anal-retentive power tripping can’t explain why, despite all the studies done since Dr. Guzman’s in 2000 that there hasn’t been a single blip in our MSM about cannabis’s anti-cancer properties.

    IMHO, Pete’s assessment of the public reaction to cannabis’s anti-cancer properties becoming common knowledge would be accurate. Which is almost certainly why Uncle Sam tries to stay mum about it. It would be vastly worse than the ‘town hall’ protests…because some of the weapons being toted to those gatherings might get used. Considering that most of those in attendance would either be patients, cancer survivors or their families, those packing would have plenty of reason.

  6. I tend to be cautious about the conspiracy parts, though me and my closest buddy frequently have the problem that if we simply present the truth as it is, well, then we sound like conspiracy theorists. All because the truths seems to be more fantastic than the cooked up theories of some imaginative people out there.

    That said the end result of the thing they’re doing may well have eugenic repercussions. It’s the mono-people who want to eradicate the pluralistic types through intolerant and often murderous actions – however polite they make it sound.

    Fact is: they do not tolerate the actions of these other people, even when these people inflict, and their intolerance goes so far as to kill off a higher number of people than would have died naturally from the drugs. Another effect is the crippling of some people’s family units so that the offspring becomes economically castrated or set up for all sorts of failure.

    Then to think of evolution, where it’s basically about differential reproductive rates …

  7. oops: “… even when these people inflict no harm upon them … “

  8. Steve says:

    My girlfriend always rolls her eyes at me when I start talking about Cannabis curing cancer. She knows the facts, because I’ve told her time and time again, but anytime I get into it with someone else and start telling the truth, she rolls her eyes at me. I feel that most people react this way, and its all the MSM’s fault.

    • Hunh…”Cure” is a bit of a strong word, more of like “Retards cancer by uncertain and unstable amounts”. Also, in those studies, they INJECTED it, not friggin’ smoked it! There’s a difference; and frankly, studies show the exact opposite to be true as well, in the sense that it speeds up the growth of certain cancer cells, AND just might (though I can’t say it’s proven) increase the risk of contracting cancer as well. In other words, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

      Look, I smoke pot. I do it because I’m bored, and honestly, because I have nothing better to do. I KNOW it’s bad for me, I’ve read up on the REAL facts. But I still do it anyway, and I definitely don’t do it for the health benefits. Don’t be such a prick about marijuana, you give us pot-heads a bad name.

  9. Jim Crosson says:

    So what are my choices? Colon cancer or jail? With current policies I end up with something unwanted in my ass. I agree, this is getting boring.

  10. BruceM says:

    I have no doubt that THC is good for you. BUT, I simply can’t believe that inhaling smoke doesn’t increase the risk of lung cancer. That defies common sense, and to say inhaling smoke cures cancer simply doesn’t pass the smell test. I’m not even sure if that’s what they’re saying… they mention cannabis but what about how it’s ingested? Or smoked THC may cure cancer to the extent the smoke doesn’t cause it.

    Also, I’ve been saying for years that we should fight lies with lies. In a battle between government propaganda versus the truth, the propaganda will always win out. Fighting for our rights is the only high road (no pun intended) that matters. I’ve been saying we should fight back with lies and fake “studies” as our own form of propaganda. I wonder if someone is finally taking my advice. Say drugs cure cancer, prevent AIDS, etc. Say not using drugs causes brain damage, shrinking gonads, etc.

  11. Pete says:

    Bruce, the biggest study in the world was Tashkin’s at UCLA, funded by NIDA, that found absolutely no increase in lung cancer risk for even heavy marijuana smokers.

    This doesn’t mean that smoke is good for you, and, of course, it isn’t the smoke that cures cancer – it’s the cannabinoids, etc.

    Scientists don’t know yet why marijuana smoke doesn’t cause cancer, only that it doesn’t. Some conjecture that there’s a trade-off effect (ie, the smoke is trying to cause cancer while the other aspects of marijuana are fending it off) that results in a net reduction of cancer risk, despite the smoke.

    And, of course, nobody claims that smoking it is better for your health than consuming it in other ways (vaporizing, etc.)

  12. BruceM says:

    Fair enough. Though I do recall hearing about studies (I’m sure they were funded by the prohibitionists) that said smoking pot causes higher rates of lung cancer than cigarettes.

    I’d imagine that a good percentage of people diagnosed with lung cancer who smoked pot also smoked cigarettes, so there’s no way of knowing which caused the cancer. Moreover, I’d imagine that a good percentage of people who only smoke pot who get lung cancer tell the doctors that they smoked cigarettes. Just a hunch.

  13. Pete says:

    You’re right, Bruce regarding hearing about other studies. Interestingly, the U.S. government’s NIDA funded the Tashkin study, which involved studying 1,200 Americans with lung, neck or head cancer.

    And yet the U.S. government never quotes that study. The one they like to quote is a study done by a small research facility in New Zealand (a facility that invariably finds a way to come up with anti-marijuana results). That group studied 79 people with cancer. Only 20 of those had ever smoked marijuana, and only 9 of the group hadn’t smoked cigarettes. Based on this ridiculously small sample, the study concluded that moderate pot smoking had no impact, but heavy pot smoking had increased risk of cancer. This result got trumpeted around the world by government propaganda dealers and picked up in the press.

  14. 7thDirection says:

    Although it seems even more fantastical than just preventing cancer, I’ve had personal experience with it eliminating cancer. There is a documentary called Phoenix Tears about a guy in Canada who uses a simple extraction process on pounds of marijuana to get a small syringe worth of the essential nutrients. Anyways, he gives this out to people with all forms of cancer and they claim it helps tremendously.

    Anyways, I was watching this at home while visiting my parents and my mom walked in. She ended up watching the rest of it with me, then told me she had some skin cancer on her nose and she was preparing to make an appointment for Mohs surgery which completely extracts the tumor but also requires reconstructive plastic surgery. Instead, she got an ounce from her friend’s mom with a medical card and extracted it into a few tiny drops which she put into Carmex lip balm. She put some on a bandaid on her nose every day for three weeks and when she went into the dermatologist it was completely gone. He was just as shocked, but realistically can’t expect his practice to continue if he starts recommending it.

    It’s really too bad if an applicable ‘cure’ for some cancers is right in front of our faces and our society is too uptight and profit-driven to face it. I don’t even know if I should suggest it to close friends facing cancer in their families because of the stigma associated with it.

    • Greg says:

      What a coincidence that your little, completely unprovable anecdote, supports your own personal values. I highly doubt there is one iota of fact to it. Nice fantasy though.

  15. kaptinemo says:

    7thD, the series you’re referring to is called “RUN FROM THE CURE and is available for viewing on YouTube. And the simple methods of application found in those vids match what your Mum did.

    And her doc who was stunned at seeing the results would be just as wary of admitting such for the same reasons that the doctors in the video were…for the same reasons.

  16. BruceM says:

    Pete – no doubt the NIDA study is more accurately done than the New Zealand study. The sample size alone is questionable in the NZ study. It’s been a long time since I took a statistics class, but 79 people doesn’t seem like enough to draw any statistically significant conclusions about morbidity.

    It is interesting that NIDA, funded by the gov’t, produced a result that’s so clearly against their mission statement (scientists should never have mission statements). The fact that the conclusion goes against their purposes and is counter to their mission is strong evidence that the result is accurate. Whatever tampering and “adjustments” they made so as to get a better result clearly did not work, the result is still “bad” from their POV.

    Shame on the press for not picking up on the story about this NIDA study.

  17. Pete says:

    Interestingly, the NIDA study had set out to attempt to prove that marijuana causes cancer. Tashkin and others were convinced, that given the proven cancer properties of tobacco, it was logical that smoked marijuana would have similar cancer dangers, so they set out to specifically show the proof. They were completely surprised by the results (but had the integrity to publish them regardless). You can bet NIDA wasn’t too happy about it.

  18. hANOVER fIST says:

    You’re kidding me, right?

    Don’t smoke it. There must be a genius gourmet out there…

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  20. Bud says:

    Why not just let adults be responsible for themselves (as long as they aren’t hurting others.) The bottom line is in the US the powers that be want to end up with total control over the entire population. They would like nothing better than all of us sitting scared in our houses with no way to protect ourselves and them having the “right” to come barging in any time they want to “enforce” the law. What happened to a mans house being his castle? Don’t get me wrong here, I still think this is one of the best countries in the world, but I just don’t like where we seem to be headed. Having grown up in the 70’s I’ve tried just about any drug you can think of, but have come to the conclusion that there just is no future in any of them except for marijuana. I think the world would be a better place if it were legal (and I think it will be sometime in the future.)Here in the US I think CA will start (their not far from it)followed by perhaps OR and then maybe (I hope) WA state where I live. I’d have to move the tomatoes over to make room in my garden;o)
    Thanks for letting me vent a little…I feel better now!

  21. Walter M says:

    Thank you for talk about this. Hot blog posting and great you address this. I was reading your blog posting.

  22. DdC says:

    Hey Bud

    Why not just let adults be responsible for themselves (as long as they aren’t hurting others.)

    No money in that. Like Peace doesn’t make Halliburton or Lockheed happy. Free medicine, Cures and Prevention bum out the Pharmkorpses.

    The bottom line is in the US the powers that be want to end up with total control over the entire population.

    Sorry to break it to you Bud, they already do, they have all along. Your house has a deed, your car is registered as well as your bank account. If you use Ganja by the “rules” you are on a list, the first things the cops take is the register receipts and computers. Then the pot. Can’t drive without a license that doesn’t remove wingnuts or drunks from the roads. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a stolen car being found. Your vote may or may not be counted, besides the only ones running are those getting campaign financing. Not likely to reform their profits. The schools pretty much tell you what they want concerning History. All the canvas ship sails and burlap came from pixie dust. Seems the various Pharmaceuticals selling cannabis elixirs in the past have short term memory loss, and go along with the prohibition for one simple reason.

    Competition off the market. Don’t need $/month in pills with something that grows in the herb garden. Hemp was thrown into the mix by Nixon, along with Medicinal RxGanja. Fossil Fuels crude and plastic make a hell of a lot of money keeping Hemp clothing, nutritional seeds and oil, Construction wood, concrete and sheet-metal replacements outlawed. Grown right here in River City and about everywhere.

    But don’t fret, just because its always been here doesn’t mean we have to cower in our houses. They can’t do a thing without our help. I’m not saying don’t pay taxes, but just telling the truth until we the people all get it, then the politico’s will follow. It won’t come from above, it is happening locally in many more places each week. I don’t think many want everything to change. Fascism is only a method, its not necessarily mentally deranged killers like Hitler or Boosh. Lower prices aren’t always the best in the long run. Those buying Wallmart Chinese plastic clothing or goods, steal American jobs. Those perpetuating the drug war or not speaking out against it are making kids go to bed hungry and exploding the numbers of Americans on the street.

    Each time a corporation or bank shelters their tax responsibility in a Cayman Island bank the workers have to make it up. Every dollar we spend fixing Boosheney fuckups is a dollar they take from the seniors or road crews. Sickening people with chemical poisons sprayed on food and cotton, profits the monopoly drug corporations treating it. Same frickin companies or each others subsidiaries. Musical chairs. Searle Rumsfeld, Monsanto Cliarence Thomas Ashcroft, Lilly Boosh or Halliburton Cheney until the FDA and EPA looks like a corporate boardroom. Politicians or Religionists determining Science never works. We get clocks with 30 hours or yardsticks with 30 inches to economize. Gravity’s pretty expensive lets just outlaw it.

    Most of us realize at the very least its not fair. Maybe life ain’t supposed to be, but the government of the people is not being run by the people for the people and that is the problem and one we can fix. Make it fair. No 404 gag rules or Mandatory minimum jury deterrents. Pisstastes remove my 5th Amendment right of self incrimination. One leaves fingerprints and even DNA, they steal or extort piss. 3 stripes, secret searches, snoop dogs while 80% of these “crimes” are not even known without snitches, many times setting them up to get off themselves.

    Un-checked Corporatism is producing Ganja prohibition and that is the problem. Without removing the incentive of profit, we can not have Justice, Free Press, Elections, Health care or choices to govern our own bodies. We have Military bases around the globe since Klintoon’s expansion. We have 50,000 copshops and millions of cops and the largest prison population in the history of caging people. Most in some way caused by this nazish Ganjawar. I don’t think it deters anyone. If our enemies treated us half as bad as we treat each other from different parties or churches or lifestyles, we’d nuke em. End the Ganjawar and let the farmers rebuild the country one more time. The world trade orchestrations can’t sell what we don’t buy.
    Be well…

    Al Capone and Watergate were red herrings to divert the countries attention from the Fascist acts of eliminating competition. Booze or Ganja/Hemp. While GOPerverts and Demonkrats bicker over nonsense.

  23. Greg says:

    The fact that you leave out that THC,the vitol cog that you’re pushing doesn’t need to be smoked or inhaled for any other reason then perhaps mild pain relief and appetite enhancement is just further proof that most people who are such addament advocates are nothing more then burnouts who want to see another drug that has affected millions of lives legalized. Families and the addict, yes, I said addict. I used daily for almost thirty years and any bullshit nonesense you try selling I ain’t buying. I saw families ignore their children. I saw Intelligent people reduced to babbling idiots barely capable of holding down a job delivering pizza. I saw people whose lives revolved around their next high. Pinching every bag, charging an extra few bucks when they picked up for someone else. I didn’t see these things once, or a few times, I saw this dozens upon dozens of times. There is an entire underground in our society of burnouts. If you are part of that culture you know this, but admitting it, hell, even dicussing it would jeopordize any credible discussion you want to have on legalizing it. I have no issue with VALID medicinal use. beyond that this drug is just another mind altering substance that screws many people’s lives up. Grow up! Put the bong down and go do something productive.

    • Maria says:

      You just might deserve your own snippy response: “What a coincidence that your little, completely unprovable anecdote, supports your own personal values. I highly doubt there is one iota of fact to it. Nice fantasy though.”

      But I’ll do more then that and I’ll be honest. I’ve also experienced those types of anecdotes. Except in my world there was no drug involved, unless you count booze. I sure as hell do.

      Human nature, that’s what you saw and experienced. I’m so sorry that you’ve been surrounded by so many who let themselves go, who just gave up. I’m sorry for you and I’m sorry for them. What you’ve seen is what many of us have seen, and you’re right, it needs to be confronted in our movement. Not because our movement is special or that so many people are addicted to their weed.

      No, what’s happening is that there’s a growing underclass of the hopeless, of the lost. Empty people without dreams, without goals, without grounding. This isn’t a new state of things but looking around it seems like it’s getting worse. And it’s not because some find it easier to escape into a haze of their choice.

      I can’t help but notice that in your anecdotes you described greed, avarice, sloth and gluttony. Across time and culture they have been called “deadly” sins for a reason.

      They suck the life force right out of you. But what happens when you live in a system that functions to reward these sins?

      Well, with that spark of life gone, (barring true addiction) the drug is an excuse, an easy scapegoat to lay the blame on as we shuffle our way through relatively useless lives in a culture that exalts “measurable productivity” above other values and our souls. As we age and as we get closer to death we then have something we think is tangible to hold up as the reason for our failures. Failures that are real, perceived or simply and (always) helpfully pointed out by others.

      But you know what’s really tangible? Prohibition. The criminalization of personal vices and choices. The war on people and poverty. Those are tangibles that have been shown to be society as well as life destroying. It’s a destruction thrust upon everyone, not just those who consume a drug. Addict or not.

    • DdC says:

      So Grek, you profit on torture and try to blame me for toking pot. You loser. You haven’t the balls to admit your just a whore for rehabs. A poster child of the weak. Coward, Scoundrel and Traitor to the United States. Sniveling narks and snitches selling out their own families. Lapdog junkie, addicted to sucking ass. Begging for attention and mostly permission for your worthless soul to even exist. Servant of the money-sluts. Praying for a trickle down. Fucking slave, punk. I ain’t selling nothing gomer. Go polish your badge and lick some more fascist sweaty balls. Fucking pervert. Lies you spew harm children. You watch them so they don’t cheat on whiz quizzes? Like the prison rape deterrents you sicko motherfucker? No facts just your anecdotaL fairy tales to profit phony plea bargain forced non rehabs. Profit on pisstasting you degenerate fuck. Taking a natural plant used for thousands of years from the population just to sell synthetic fossil fools means you will continue suffering as you obviously are. Karma baby. Until you face the truth that liar losers like you, and the other paid gossip queens. Preach falsehoods and maybe even believe it. Leading you straight to schizophrenia. Its not how loud you yell moron. Its the laws of physics you bring to back up your silly girly yelps. It shows goober. Now go fetch me some facts to back up your whiny tear soaked boring hostile grunts pig. Not NIDA nonsense or Nahas fiction. Assholes!


      Christian Extremism and Terrorism In History



  24. mrdeadfolx says:

    Damn real shit right there Maria.

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  26. elvenflow says:

    Maybe reading 100’s of pages of real medical studies will help you sleep easier 🙂



    “Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties, unrelated to NMDA receptor antagonism. This new found property makes cannabinoids useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of wide variety of oxidation associated diseases, such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. The cannabinoids are found to have particular application as neuroprotectants, for example in limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and HIV dementia.”

    Or maybe not…

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