More Police Follies

This is priceless. Officer denies stealing fake cocaine

Canada Drugs SeizureLet’s see if I can summarize.

As part of some bizarre operation, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police make up 102 bricks of flour, which they ship in boxes of mangoes from Peru to Canada.

Then they intercept the flour in Canada. At the end of his shift following the mango-flour operation, Constable Cook discovers that a rotting box of mangoes in the trunk of his cop car contains 15 bricks of flour.

So he takes them home, supposedly planning to drop them off with the morality squad in the morning. Since he needed to service the car, he took the bricks of flour out of the trunk and put them in a compartment in his recreational watercraft, where they are discovered along with some marijuana and mp3 players.

So, we either have a corrupt constable who is stupid and decided to store flour in his boat, or we have a corrupt constable who is stupid and thought the flour was cocaine and decided to steal it from the RCMP.

The one thing we know for certain is that this is the stupidest fraking war ever fought.

Note: this all happened in November of 2005, and they’re still in court deciding what to do about a police officer who may or may not have stolen flour from the police.

[H/T JackHererTV]
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5 Responses to More Police Follies

  1. Drew says:

    Yet another reason to avoid white flour! Stay away from refined flours.

    Go whole grains!

  2. “The one thing we know for certain is that this is the stupidest fraking war ever fought.”

    So say we all!

  3. paul says:

    This must have been part of some anti-corruption operation. Looks like they found their man.

    It all seems plain to me. He stashed the fake cocaine (which he thought was real) in his boat, along with his MJ and the mp3 players he stole during other operations.

  4. kaptinemo says:

    (Raucous laughter) What can I say? Really, what can I say that would be any more outrageously hilarious than this?

    Flour. Flour? (LOL!) This reminds me of the article I saw once about the New London police force rejecting an applicant because he was considered too smart. Ah, jeez…

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