UK coroners strike again

I think I’ve finally figured it out. Apparently, in the UK, the position of “coroner” is a make-work position given to the mentally challenged to make them feel useful. It clearly isn’t a real job.
Once or twice a year, there’s a new story where a UK “coroner” claims that they have discovered a death directly attributable to cannabis, usually with the most bizarre “evidence.” Here’s one from last year, where the coroner made his diagnosis by “hearing” about the case.
Well, we’ve got another winner.
A 17-year-old with a history of drug use, who was cleaning up his life and had gotten a new job, died of a heart attack when leaving work.

Geoff Roberts, the deputy coroner for Cheshire, said: “People use cannabis and think that it is a harmless property. We have heard clear evidence in this case that it is not. Very sadly, Hadrian died as a result of the direct toxic effects on the heart that the use of cannabis had. As such, it was an avoidable death.
“This case highlights that cannabis use is potentially life-threatening.” Mr Roberts added: “We have heard how over a period of time, for some years, he had used cannabis and perhaps other illegal substances.
“This is a very sad case because, despite his turbulent past and cannabis use, he had got a job as a trainee chef. The post-mortem showed no findings of recent drug use.
“But his body was left a legacy of using cannabis in the past, which directly led to his death.
“My conclusion is that Hadrian died as a result of using drugs.”
Dr Sally Hales, who carried out the post mortem examination, said the teenager had inflammation of the heart and that “a history of using cannabis, amphetamines and cocaine would appear to be the most likely cause”.

No drugs in the system, but obviously nothing else could have been involved in his heart problems because once they found out he used drugs, that naturally negated the need to actually look into other conditions. And when considering the effects cannabis, amphetamines, and cocaine might have on heart condition, the natural assumption is to blame the cannabis.
Gotta say that I’m not sure I go along with this UK coroner job welfare program for the mentally deficient. Sure, it’s better than having them operate on live people, but couldn’t you just have them sweep the streets or something?

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