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July 2009



Another drug war victim

Radley Balko covers it:

Last week, an undercover New York City police officer participating in a drug buy shot and killed 49-year-old Shem Walker during an altercation at Walker‰s home in Brooklyn. Police say Walker, described by family and neighbors as an ex-con who had reformed, apparently thought the officer was a drug dealer or a vagrant. When the officer didn‰t respond to Walker‰s verbal demand to leave his property, apparently because he was wearing earphones to monitor the drug buy, Walker tried to forcibly remove him from Walker‰s front stoop. The two got into an altercation. A second undercover officer then joined the fight, at which point the first officer shot and killed Walker.


Oh yeah, that’ll work – throw money at the drug war

The United States, apparently unhappy with the meager level of violence in Mexico, is putting up bribe money in an attempt to escalate it.

The Department of State offered up to $50 million Monday for information leading to the arrests of 10 top Mexican drug suspects accused of key roles in a violent organization estimated […]

Police discover drug deal

One of the problems police have in the drug war is that drug transactions are consensual, so nobody generally wants to report them to the police. Police therefore have to get creative to even find out about drug deals. Well, a drug deal went down in Statesville, North Carolina recently and the police were all […]

The New Drug Task Force is in the House

Via Allen St. Pierre at NORML… Yep, a newly formed Drug Task Force has been established in the House of Representatives to fight back against the Obama administration which “seeks to shut the war on drugs down.” Wait. What was that again? The Obama administration is shutting down the drug war? In whose fantasy? Well, […]