Police discover drug deal

One of the problems police have in the drug war is that drug transactions are consensual, so nobody generally wants to report them to the police. Police therefore have to get creative to even find out about drug deals.
Well, a drug deal went down in Statesville, North Carolina recently and the police were all over it. Oh, yeah, they had the 411 on this one.
One itsy, bitsy problem. They forgot to have anyone besides the police involved in the deal.

An undercover Iredell County Sheriff’s Office deputy recently purchased drugs from undercover Statesville police officers, raising questions about communications between the two agencies.
Statesville Police Chief Tom Anderson said undercover officers from his department were working a week-long case when they met with someone interested in selling a small amount of marijuana.
The undercover SPD officers met with the individual in the parking lot of a local store to make the deal, Anderson said. […]
After the arrest, investigators from the sheriff’s office arrived and confirmed the seller was an undercover deputy and he was released, Anderson said.

Good thing they were able to stop that small amount of marijuana they were selling from reaching the streets.

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