Open Thread

“bullet” Norm Stamper in Huffington Post: Progressives Push Against Drug War: Will Dems Listen?

The lesson here? While many of our elected representatives privately support serious changes to our failed drug laws, they believe they are alone. They think if they stick their necks out they’ll be handed their heads come election time.
Which is why we must rise up and let our elected officials know they are safe to support drug law reform. And in considerable political danger if they do not.

“bullet” California’s 3rd District Court of Appeals ruled that medical marijuana patients can sue the police for illegally raiding their properties and destroying their plants. If upheld, this is very good news, as it will help deter state police from ignoring state law.
“bullet” New Hampshire Editorial: Memo to Governor: Sign marijuana bill

Governor, the time has come to do the right thing. Supporters of this bill have done everything you have asked. There is only one thing left to do.
Sign the bill.

“bullet” Could Medical Marijuana Have Saved Michael Jackson? I don’t know, and quite frankly, it means very little to me, because MJ isn’t really a place to look for anything that could be extrapolated successfully to the rest of the human race. I do know this, however – getting the DEA involved is just going to make things messy.
“bullet” Things have certainly changed since The French Connection days

Remember the 1971 movie ‹The French ConnectionŠ? That was a true story about what was then the largest heroin bust made in the US. Remember the car that had the heroin hidden in the rocker panels? There were about 40 kilos hidden in that car. 40 kilos, about 88 poundsá the largest quantity of the drug ever imported into the country at one time!

“bullet” “drcnet”

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