Odds and Ends

Some good stuff that may have slipped through the cracks…
“bullet” An embarrassing interview with the drug czar — Scott Morgan

Rolling Stone‘s June issue takes an in-depth look at the evolving political climate surrounding drug policy (a portion is available online), including a deliciously embarrassing visit with drug czar Gil Kerlikowske. Remember Kerlikowske’s recent statement about not calling it a “war on drugs” anymore? Well, guess what he’s got in his office:

ádespite this sudden outbreak of sanity, rumors of the drug war’s death are greatly exaggerated. Visitors to the drug czar’s office in Washington — formally known as the Office of National Drug Control Policy — are greeted by the visage of Uncle Sam on a poster declaring, WE ARE AT WAR. ARE YOU DOING ALL YOU CAN?

You really couldn‰t ask for a better exhibit in the total incoherence and rank dishonesty of the drug czar’s claim that our drug policy isn‰t a war. I don’t blame him for trying and it’s certainly encouraging that we’ve reached a point at which the drug war is so controversial that they’re trying to change its name. But how could they possibly forget to take down the damn sign? I mean, really, did they forget that Rolling Stone was stopping by?

This really shows the total incoherence and dysfunction that is our federal drug policy.
“bullet” Take that, Governor. Rhode Island passed a bill to allow a small number of “compassion centers” — medical marijuana dispensaries — to give patients a legal means of purchasing their medicine. Governor Carcieri vetoed the bill. So the Senate voted to override the veto 35-3, and the House went 67-0.
That’s power. Rhode Island gets its dispensaries, and Carcieri looks weak for opposing them.
“bullet” Radley Balko is interviewed at The Atlantic on law and order, non-knock raids, etc. Part 1Part 2Part 3. (they’re very short – could easily have been done in one).
“bullet” Credit where credit is due. I have often taken the AP to task for their articles on marijuana and drug policy, but this one, which has been widely circulated in papers all across the country, is remarkably good!

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