Students for Sensible Drug Policy Conference

A picture named dwrcar.jpgRoad trip!
The national international SSDP conference is happening this weekend in College Park, Maryland. And while I hadn’t originally planned on making it, I’ve been asked to do my Elevator Arguments workshop again and to facilitate a luncheon discussion on education.
It looks like quite a line-up – here’s the schedule. Some really outstanding speakers and workshops.
It’s a particularly great opportunity for students. I’m thrilled that we’ve got 5 students from Illinois State University going (and there will be a couple alums of that group going as well). It’s important for students — great training and motivation, and SSDP does an incredible job of helping students out with scholarships to cover conference fees, lodging, travel, etc.

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Which leads me to a small bleg. The emphasis is helping students, so a workshop leader like me pays full conference fees and lodging, etc. In any other conference, that would be backwards, but in this one, it makes sense. It was, however, an unplanned expense for me. And I’m driving some of the students 1600 miles round trip to the conference instead of flying in order to save the group some money.
So, if anyone would like to help out, I’ve set up a Pay Page for contributing to this little road trip.
Don’t contribute unless you have extra lying around. I’m serious. I can handle it and I won’t go broke. But if you’d like to vicariously go on a road trip with me, feel free to drop some change in.

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