Oh, that scary and complicated medical marijuana

There has been an incredible chorus of whining from law enforcement personnel since the initiatives in Michigan and Massachusetts passed. It reeks of desperation and, quite frankly, incompetence.
Here’s just one more:

East Lansing police Chief Tom Wibert said he worries people will abuse the constitutional amendment, which he said is unfortunate because the proposal was intended to play on people’s compassion for those in serious pain.
“There’s a lot of potential for abuse,” he said. “Another interesting part is who would hold a doctor responsible for the prescription he writes? What would prevent a doctor from handing out prescriptions to anybody who asks?”
Wibert, who said he was surprised the proposal passed, said he would have to train police officers on the system of documentation for people who can legally use marijuana.
“It strikes me that it should be somewhat confusing,” he said. “What type of documentation are people going to have? How would a police officer know whether it’s valid documentation?”

This is so hard! Somebody is going to have to come up with some kind of… system or something. We don’t know how to do that. Why are they making our jobs so difficult? Have you ever heard of law enforcement working with, like, documentation of some kind? It would be as if people who drive cars had to have some kind of pass or card or something.
And gee, what if a doctor prescribed it to someone who wasn’t supposed to get it? Well, you know what? Doctors prescribe medicine every day. And they’re licensed. And of all the drugs to worry about, what’s the worst that could happen from prescribing marijuana to someone who needs it? The munchies?
I heard that the crime rate in East Lansing was down, but apparently it is so low that Chief Wilbert’s biggest concern is some people (many of whom are seriously ill) experiencing… mild euphoria.
And so he’s whining about it.

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