Public Servant

Hawaii Tribune Herald

The Police Department won’t ease enforcement of marijuana laws following the passage of a ballot initiative making that the “lowest law enforcement priority.”

“No. 1, it’s not a law. It’s a resolution,” Police Chief Lawrence Mahuna said. “No. 2, there will be no change how we prioritize the enforcement of marijuana.

“The resolution does not invalidate federal law,” Mahuna said. “It doesn’t legalize marijuana. It’s still a Schedule 1 controlled substance. […]

“This priority is not something that is given to anybody but the police chief,” Mahuna said. “Nothing will change.”

Translation: “F#ck you! I’m the Police Chief. I don’t listen to the ‘will of the people.’ F#ckin’ people don’t have any say in who gets busted here.”
Add to that the pathetic whining of law enforcement in Massachusetts, and it puts a rather ugly public face on what we were already seeing — a seriously dangerous illness of lawlessness infecting the law enforcement community.

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