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“bullet” Submit your ideas to the transition team. Make it polite and constructive. Talk about reforming drug policy as a means toward revitalizing the economy, putting people back to work, restoring families, and building communities.
“bullet” Obama speaks with world leaders..

Calderon’s office said Obama pledged continued U.S. support for Mexico’s fight against organized crime and drug trafficking. A statement from the Mexican president’s office says Obama told Calderon he was “conscious of the difficulty of the battle” and offered “decisive” U.S. support.

“bullet” At Digg Dialogg, they’re asking Al Gore some questions submitted by readers that he’ll be answering tonight. One of them (the top vote getter) is:

Tobacco deaths per year – over 450,000. Alcohol deaths per year – nearly 100,000. Marijuana deaths per year – 0. Why is the drug that kills nobody the illegal one?

“bullet” Classic reaction to Massachusetts’ Marijuana Decrim Vote (via Alex at Drug Law Blog):

First This State Passes Gay merrages & Now You Can Posses Drugs.This State Is So Back Words.Children Think Its Gonna Be Ok To Be Gay & Now They Think Its Ok To Use Drugs Thank Mass.Your Great Roll Modals

Compare that erudition with the list of pot heads that Radley Balko is collecting and it not only blows the “marijuana smokers are losers” argument out of the water, but makes a reasonable anecdotal case for using cannabis as a preventative for stupidity.
“bullet” “drcnet”

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