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November 2008



Open thread

Taking a moment to recover… “bullet” A very special thanks to those who chipped in to help out with the trip to DC. Every little bit is much appreciated. “bullet” Must-read. Radley Balko’s response to a pretty ignorant post by Chris Roach, regarding the death of an FBI agent in a military-style drug raid. “bullet” […]

Conference Wrap-up

The remainder of the Sunday sessions have been useful advocacy workshops, including the Elevator Arguments workshop that David Guard and I conducted, and some lunch networking groups (I helped facilitate one on education). I was too busy being actively involved to do much live-blogging today. For those in my workshop who stopped by to get […]

SSDP Conference, part 7

Eric Sterling (Criminal Justice Policy Foundation) started off the Sunday Advocacy Skills Training Day with a motivating talk to get students excited about being advocates. A few of the points:

Write succinctly Be entertaining Don’t be too self-critical Work as chapters to evaluate what you do Share with others (passion, praise, respect) Be persistent […]

SSDP Conference, part 6

Party! We had a great benefit party last night at Rob Kampia’s house in DC. Tons of people – lots of fun. Sorry, no pictures or descriptions here. …you’ll just have to imagine it.

SSDP Conference, part 5

Drugs for Sale! A Discussion of Post-Prohibition Drug Markets

(l-r) Tim Lynch (Cato Institute), Ethan Nadelmann (Drug Policy Alliance), Moderator Chris Chiles (SSDP Board)

Tim Lynch is very pessimistic about what seems to be happening so far with the Obama administration, given his early appointments. He asks a very good question: What will the […]

Peter Moskos – Cop in the Hood

I got to meet Peter Moskos at the conference. He’s there with his book — I’ve been meaning to talk about it more and will later, but suffice to say right now that it’s an excellent book about policing and the drug war. So go buy it. He’ll be at the Conference the whole […]

SSDP Conference, part 4

Representative Danny Davis (D-IL)

Plenary: Race, Inner Cities, and the Drug War It was great to have Danny Davis speak. He did a great job of summarizing the ills of the drug war nationally, internationally, and racially. To hear his words coming from a member of Congress means so much.


SSDP Conference, part 3: The Debate

(l-r) Kris Krane, Students for Sensible Drug Policy; Courtland Milloy, Washington Post (Moderator); Kevin Sabet, Students Taking Action Not Drugs The debate started with Kevin Sabet. He really worked on being reasonable-sounding, but a lot of what he said we’ve heard before — we need a balanced drug policy, not everything is perfect, but some […]

SSDP Conference, part 2

Breakout session: Shots fired: The Casualties of No-Knock Police Raids in America (l-r)Alison Grimmer (SSDP board), Radley Balko (Reason Magazine), David Borden (Stop the Drug War), Cheye Calvo (Mayor, Berwyn Heights)

Radley was great. I’m not going to regurgitate what he said — you all know the material, but his presentation was full of great […]

Great Headlines

Was drug czar taking bribes?