Putting out the trash

This Fall in Canada, the Supreme Court will decide whether trash is private.
In the United States we gave up our trash privacy 20 years ago in California v. Greenwood, one of many instances where the Supreme Court found a drug war exception to the Bill of Rights.
It’ll be interesting to see whether Canada follows suit.
This particular case caught my attention because Thursday night my garbage was stolen.
It’s an odd feeling. I put the garbage bag on the curb around 10:30 p.m. (pickup is Friday morning) and at 1:00 a.m. I happened to look out the window and it was gone. Neighbors’ trash was still there.
There are all sorts of possible explanations more likely than government snooping — an attempt at identity theft, or someone hoping I had thrown away valuable items, but as usual, there was nothing in there but food garbage (I recycle all my mail/paper a different way, so an identity thief would find nothing.)
Sure hope someone enjoyed learning about my eclectic, and rather smelly, interests in food.

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