Open Thread

Lots going on in the world. Here’s some catch-up from this week.
“bullet” Cannabis less harmful than drinking, smoking: report. Sure, we know that. But it’s always nice to have studies confirm tell us anyway.

The Beckley Foundation, a charity which numbers senior experts and other academics among its advisors, said banning cannabis has no impact on supply and turns users into criminals.
“Although cannabis can have a negative impact on health, including mental health, in terms of relative harms it is considerably less harmful than alcohol or tobacco,” says the report by the Foundation’s Global Cannabis Commission. […]
“Many of the harms associated with cannabis use are the result of prohibition itself, particularly the social harms arising from arrest and imprisonment,” it said.
“It is only through a regulated market that we can better protect young people from the ever more potent forms of dope,” it added.

“bullet” If Texas were a country, it would have the highest incarceration rate in the world

At least one law enforcement official, Bexar County Assistant District Attorney Cliff Herberg, has already said he expects to ignore the new law, with arrests continuing as usual. That would be a mistake, Kampia said.
“Federal government statistics show no difference in marijuana use rates between states that arrest people for marijuana possession and those that don’t,” Kampia said. “Ignoring this sensible law will waste tax dollars for no good reason.”

“bullet” Just what we need, another czar. A copyright czar? Really? You think this whole czar concept is working? I think we could do with fewer.
“bullet” Schwarzenegger to U.S.: State may need $7-billion loan. Great. Bail out California too? No. The marijuana industry in California has offered the Governator the money he needs. If he won’t take it, that’s his problem.
“bullet” Speaking of Governors, NORML says:Want To Know Why Pot Is Still Illegal? Ask Your Governor
“bullet” Mexican President Proposes Decriminalizing Small Amounts of Drugs
“bullet” House of Death Radley Balko interviews DEA whistleblower Sandy Gonzalez.
“bullet” A DEA Agent and His Rogue Informant To Cost Taxpayers $356k from TalkLeft
“bullet” DrugSense Weekly
“bullet” “drcnet”

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