Killer of Tarika Wilson acquitted. Those who set up the killing aren’t even made to apologize.

Ohio jurors acquit cop linked to death of mom holding baby

The all-white jury found Sgt. Joseph Chavalia not guilty of misdemeanor charges of negligent homicide and negligent assault.

Here’s the real tragedy:

Outside the courthouse, Wilson’s brother, Ivory Austin said he wasn’t surprised by the verdict.
“Now he (Chavalia) gets to get back on with his life,” he said. “He took my sister’s life.”
He said he was hoping someone from the police department would at least admit a mistake was made. […]
“I’m hurting deeply,” [pastor Arnold Manley] said. “The message I got out of all this is that it’s OK for police to go and kill in a drug raid,” he said.

It sure is. As long as they’re conducting a drug raid, they can kill anybody.

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