Officers cheer police shooting verdict in Lima

Lima, Ohio — A jury verdict that cleared a police officer in the drug-raid shooting death of an unarmed woman will allow other officers to do their job without hesitation, police union officials said.

Ah, yes. It would certainly be unreasonable to expect police officers to hesitate before shooting an unarmed black woman cowering on the floor of her home holding her baby. Particularly if fellow officers were busy shooting dogs downstairs at the time.
And it certainly would be unreasonable to find a different way to protect and serve other than home invasion.
But we don’t have to worry about that now, so Cheers!
Some commenters at that article know how to celebrate as well…

Bottom line = good guys win, bad guys lose. […] Why should a police officer have to put his life in danger when some idiot crackhouse mama acts aggressively? […] Miss Wilson (note NOT MRS. Wilson) was a train wreck waiting to happen. She got killed for poor life choices. Pure and simple. […] I agree with radfordstree. This woman’s life choices placed her and her children in mortal danger. These choices finally caught up with her. […] The real victim here is the police officer, for being persecuted for doing his job and putting his life at risk to do so

If any of these are residents of Lima, Ohio, they may be less excited, if the bill comes due

A family member of the woman who was fatally shot during a police raid at her home seven months ago filed a lawsuit Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Toledo against the City of Lima and police Sgt. Joseph Chavalia, claiming a violation of civil rights.
Darla Kaye Jennings filed the lawsuit on behalf of Sincere Wilson, her 1-year-old grandson who was injured when his mother, Tarika Wilson, 26, was shot. The lawsuit asks for compensation for Sincere‰s injuries as well as seeking an end to “police abuse by requiring that high risk search warrant executions be limited to situations where they are truly needed and where the least amount of force necessary to the situation is employed.”

Grandma — apparently the first person in Lima, Ohio, who really understands.

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