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July 2008




“bullet” Reason TV on the travesty in the Charlie Lynch trial. Owen Beck is silenced in the courtroom. More detail. “bullet” CNN video — Barney Frank talks about his pot decrim bill. “bullet” Trial of Sgt. Joseph Chavalia for shooting Tarika Wilson:

A woman shot and killed by a police officer during a drug raid […]

Another violent drug raid, more dead dogs. This time it’s the mayor.

Congressmen call for federal decrim of marijuana, scaring drug warriors into strange behavior

Nick Juliano at Raw Story has great coverage of today’s press conference with Rep. Barney Frank, who is introducing a marijuana federal decriminalization bill (not expected to pass, but intended to open a dialogue). The ONDCP apparently sent their big guns to immediately try to rebut, well, something else entirely.

ONDCP’s Dr. David Murray’s impassioned […]

Drug war doesn’t work? Who’d’a thunk it?


“bullet” Today is the beginning of the trial of Sgt. Joseph Chevalia for shooting and killing 26-year-old Tarika Wilson in a botched drug raid. An all-white jury will consider the misdemeanor charges. I hope he gets a fair trial. Unfortunately, there are others who should be on trial as well — who are perhaps […]

It’s been an amazing Five Years

I started Drug WarRant on Sunday, July 27, 2003 with a post about the Hinchey Amendment. I thought maybe I’d post once a week or so — mostly for myself, but if anyone happened to stop by… I discovered there was way too much to talk about, and people eager to read. In five years, […]

An interview with Scott Burns

Taxpayer funded propaganda so outrageous even the DEA objects

Article by Ray Stern Did you know that 90% of drugs comes from south of the border? Neither did the DEA. So where did Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas get his “facts”? Robert Caldwell, who has a history of uninformed nonsense.

That hamster only has three legs

Maybe I’m an intellectual elitist, but sometimes I forget that they don’t require any literacy or intelligence tests to get on the internet tubes, and when reading some commenters on public fora, I find myself physically staggering from the sheer enormity of the black hole that sits right where their comprehension should be. At these […]

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