Putting lipstick on a pig

Here’s another example of lawmakers trying to add extra pile-on charges in the drug war.
Baltimore Councilman William Cole IV has introduced legislation adding a civil fine of $1,000 to anyone caught buying drugs if they live out of town.
What the people need to see is that when legislators come up with these odd little laws, it is essentially an admission that prohibition is a failure. But instead of fixing it, they just try to add some cosmetics. Their constituents need to reach the point where they say “OK, you passed all these laws — did any of them do any good?”
In the article, drug counselor Michael Hayes was quoted:

‹I appreciate that they mean well, but it‰s much ado about nothing,Š Hayes said. ‹They love to do something that looks good and sounds good, but have no substance to them.Š

Except for the part about it looking and sounding good, I agree.

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