A good editorial: Drug war squabble an ongoing fraud at the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Seems no one on Capitol Hill wants to confront a reality: Drug trafficking, in Mexico and everywhere else illicit narcotics are grown, processed and moved in America’s direction, continues to thrive because this is where the stuff is consumed Ö at whatever cost a protected market will bear.
Keep drugs illegal, make them more expensive by busting the occasional shipment, and the price goes up. Those controlling the supply grow richer; all the more capable of bribing everyone outside and inside our boundaries, from street cops to prosecutors. And those who can’t be bought can be assassinated. […]
Neither Mexico’s government nor ours can buy enough cannon-fodder for this bogus war.
What Congress can do is invest in education, counseling and treatment Ö to catch up with, then head off, drug use. When those things are in place, de-criminalize drug possession; make the stuff available, free or cheap, at clinics. De-glamorize it Ö and take away the profit motive so many vested interests have in drugs.
Who in Congress dares do such a thing?

Who, indeed?

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