I know I’d feel more relaxed


Marijuana proponents want to know why federal officials continue to allow people to use alcohol on airplanes, but won’t allow pot smoking in the lounges at Denver International Airport.
“Does it make sense to allow adults to use a drug that causes problems on airplanes and not allow them to use one that does not cause problems on airplanes?” asked Mason Tvert, executive director of Safer Alternatives For Enjoyable Recreation.

FOX News certainly enjoyed jumping on the story
Notice the FOX anchor have a problem understanding the English language.

…well, “far less harmful” doesn’t exactly equate to “safer”…

Um, yes, in fact, that is the definition of safer.
And the guest attorney — John Richardson — is a real idiot.
Now, obviously, Mason Tvert’s doing a PR stunt. But still, it’s amazing how it brings out the crazies on the other side.

[Thanks, Scott]
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