Are you a death enabler?

If you support drug prohibition policies that make black market drug sales profitable, then you are encouraging violent behavior by criminals and supporting the funding of terrorists. This directly results in the deaths of thousands.
You are a death enabler.
If you support drug war enforcement, you are giving your government a green light to use military tactics against its own citizens, resulting in the deaths of both cops and citizens, often in the name of the impossible eradication of a drug that has harmed nobody.
You are a death enabler.
If you support the criminalization of pain medicines and medical marijuana patients, you are preventing doctors from doing their jobs, you are shortening lives, and sometimes, you are driving people in pain to suicide.
You are a death enabler.
If you support the stigmatization of drug users through criminal laws, then you deny people the information they need to make safe choices about drugs, and you scare people from getting help when they need it, which may result in overdose death or fatal disease.
You are a death enabler.

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