Bloomin’ Idiot of the day: Alan Lupo in the Boston Herald.
Look at this — he has it. It almost appears that he understands it…

“It doesn’t matter how many millions the government pours in here to stop drugs,” a Mexican lawyer told a New York Times [NYT] reporter.
“As long as Americans keep buying them, this business is never going to stop.”
The fellow said that in 1986.
One need not have majored in economics to understand that if a market exists for a product, entrepreneurs will show up to sell to and profit from that market. Al Capone, after all, used to insist that he was nothing more than a businessman as he peddled illegal hooch to willing buyers.
Even if Mexican drug dealers were somehow stopped at our southwestern borders, they and others would find a way into our lucrative market, just as, during Prohibition, Irish, Jewish and Italian mobsters shipped and trucked in booze, and the Scotch-Irish of Appalachia cooked it up in back country stills.

Exactly, you’ve got it! It’s the same issues as alcohol prohibition. So…
Come on, you can do it…
And the very next paragraph is:

If we Americans were serious about the drug war, we’d be fighting it not only aggressively at our borders and beyond, as we do, but also at home by treating our addicts with every manner of medical, psychological and social program we could invent.

What a moron.

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