A brief dialog about tactics of the drug war

Earlier this week I briefly noted a piece about the death of Vincent Hodgkiss by paramilitary raid. I had found out about it in a well-written article in the Sun-Sentinel by Michael Mayo — Overzealous drug war claims another casualty — and I noted that finally the right questions were being asked in the media.
Well, on Mayo’s blog, he notes the price of a well-written article about the drug war — abuse. Here’s one of the emails he got:

Dear Mrs. Mayo: People complain about drugs being sold in their neighborhood and f— like you aren’t happy with the way the Police handle the problem. If these piece of s— drug dealers weren’t selling drugs they wouldn’t have to worry about COPS kicking in their door. Keep your little gay a– behind your computer where you’re shielded from danger and leave the dirty work for the real men. F—— p—-. You make me sick. – Scooter M.

Thank you, Scooter for your erudite commentary.
You know, in drug policy reform, we work hard to make the world better for everyone, because we truly believe that everyone will benefit from ending prohibition. But there are a few knuckle-draggers who will never be able to comprehend the basic concepts. It’s not worth our time. It would be like Major Carter trying to explain wormhole physics to an Unas. Or Data explaining the operation of his positronic brain to a holodeck bartender. Or Gandalf explaining the mysteries of the Maia to Lobelia Sackville-Baggins.

“Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.”

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