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“bullet” Check out this counterpoint between Jacob Sullum and Charles “Cully” Stimson in the L.A. Times. Sullum, as usual, really has it together and his arguments are really impossible to refute, which is why Stimson apparently has to act like he didn’t even hear them, and instead invent arguments out of thin air.

[Thanks, Allan and Scott]

“bullet” Another mistrial. I talked about this case before. The government is so pathetically desperate to justify their drug war in Colombia by getting drug convictions, they’re spending millions of dollars trying to convict Ricardo Palmera despite the fact that a conviction would add zero time to his sentence. This is the second mistrial.
“bullet” Tom Angell wrote a letter to the Washington Post. Here’s an excerpt:

The April 20 article “From Mexico, Drug Violence Spills Into U.S.”
should have been titled “From Mexico, Drug-Prohibition Violence Spills
Into U.S.”

“bullet” Va. Court Rejects 2 Drug Searches (via The Agitator)
Also, an Alaska Appeals court is cracking down on coercive searches.

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