Open Thread

Postings have been a bit light the past few days. Let’s see… 63 hours of four-square (to raise money for scholarships), the midwest conference of SSDP, Theatre of Ted (performance event), RockSquare (outdoor rock concert of local bands in conjunction with four-square marathon), Hempfest, “Super High Me” screening, and several events I needed to photograph, plus spending some time with friends…
Anyway, they’ve been good days, and I fully intended to have a special post on 420 on 4/20, but it’s probably going to have to wait until 4/21.
I still need a lot more sleep.
Welcome, Midwest SSDP folks!
What’s been happening?
“bullet” Be sure to check out the brilliant Mutinyblogging Celebrates 4/20
“bullet” 4/20 events not just grass-roots anymore
“bullet” 86.6% of those who try heroin do not become dependent on it within two years of trying it.
“bullet” Drug Sense Weekly
“bullet” “drcnet”

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