Stuff keeps happening

“bullet” Reports that a recent military raid by Colombia into Ecuador may have been assisted by the United States Manta air base in Ecuador that is only supposed to be used for counter drug operations.
“bullet” Are federal agents intimidating patients in order to go after the Pain Relief Network?
“bullet” Via Crooks and Liars, Arthur Silber says: The United States: Now A Private and Exclusive Country Club, Run by Monsters
“bullet” Barney Frank plans to file a bill to legalize small amounts of marijuana. This is interesting, not in itself, but in what the action represents, as Frank himself says, that it’s “time for the politicians in this one to catch up to the public.”
“bullet” A good reminder: For the thousandth time, you don’t need to consent to searches nor be interviewed by the cops.
“bullet” If you’re thinking of going to Dubai, don’t. There are a number of places way down at the bottom of my list for vacation destinations, including Dubai, Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, and Leroy, Illinois (it’s just not that interesting). Higher on my list are Amsterdam, Alaska, and the Czech Republic (again).

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