Glorifying the Drug War for Entertainment and Profit

The Huffington Post has given some of it space to an infomercial by DEA flack Mary Irene Cooper, who gushes about Al Roker’s new DEA unreality series on Spike TV: Inside The Real Drug War
Cooper who makes her living propagandizing the drug war and getting excited about the DEA Museum, is practically wetting her pants over the sheer adrenaline rush from the anticipated violence.

Never before has DEA let cameras this deep into the drug trade. Viewers live the DEA creed to expect the unexpected. As much as we prepare, plan, and train, we can’t control everything on a drug raid or undercover deal. All the planning could change the minute the reality of the street hits. You never know what’s on the other side of the door until you go through it, and as we say, anytime dope and money come together, there’s a good chance of violence.
Viewers will go undercover with us. You’ll feel your heart beating faster as we approach the darkened car on a dimly lit street. You’ll feel on edge as we set up undercover operations with unpredictable, violent drug dealers. You’ll feel the adrenaline rush as we crash through the door of stash houses occupied by armed felons.

Ooh, that does sound exciting! Gee, you think we’ll get to see a DEA agent waste a 14-year-old girl? Wouldn’t that be great!!!!!
I suddenly have a metallic taste in my mouth.
OK. Let’s tell it like it is. This show is bad drug war porn, and Mary Irene Cooper is a whore — selling her drug war to the masses — using the “car-wreck” reflex to suck people in and take advantage of their baser instincts — all in order to spackle the image of what may be the most destructive agency in the history of the United States.
My apologies to whores.

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