Open Thread

“bullet” Give drugs away for free. That’s the idea in A Modest Proposal for the War on Drugs by Demonsthenes (a somewhat flip approach but with some understanding of the economics of drug policy).
“bullet” Prozac doesn’t work say scientists. Oops.
“bullet” Chocolate-covered mushrooms and butterscotch-flavored marijuana. The students at Savannah College of Art and Design apparently are quite creative.
“bullet” The War on Drugs is insane, but there’s no end in sight by Will Moredock
“bullet” When he stood up to speak against the school’s random drug testing policy he faced inquisitions from administration and questions from the police. Kudos to 16-year-old Anthony Maitilasso and his mother.
“bullet” In the tantalizing headline category: Drug Czar Gets Eight Years For Ecstasy Bust…. oh… not that drug czar.
“bullet” The ONDCP notes that we could reduce the revenue of Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations by 61% just by legalizing marijuana…. (they didn’t actually phrase it that way, though)
“bullet” “drcnet”

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