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February 2008



first up against the wall when the revolution comes…

…Thailand’s new prime minister

“My government will decisively implement a policy against drug trafficking. Government officials must implement this policy 24 hours a day, but I will not set a target for how many people should die,” said Samak Sundaravej, the new prime minister. The interior minister Chalerm Yubamrung, said: “When we implement a policy […]


The current issue of DrugSense Weekly is available. My letter to the editor has been chosen as the letter of the week. And in case you missed it, last week I had the feature article.

Open Thread

“bullet” Vin Suprynowicz ridicules New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s drug tax proposal, and concludes:

Ending the de facto tax exemption for this multi billion-dollar commerce may indeed make some budgetary sense ÷ with the added side benefits of removing it from the control of the criminal class and thus lowering prices, while restoring some vendor accountability for weight and purity.

The best way to do that, of course, would be to simply re-legalize the commerce. (Surely no one will contend, today, that prohibition has ended it.)

By the way, I’m doing pretty well with my new drug tax stamp collection. So far, I have stamps from Utah, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Louisisana, Alabama, South Carolina, and Kentucky.

“bullet” The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) is slammed by the International Harm Reduction Association for being overly secretive. [When I was at the conference in New Orleans, it was interesting to hear international reformers — whenever the INCB was mentioned, there was a palpable level of disgust.]

“bullet” Drug War Chronicle is out early this week…


Looking for an Attorney General

When considering a new President (mmm, that sounds good after seven years), there’s more to ponder than just what the candidates claim as their positions on issues. Often, just as important is who they will choose for certain top jobs. We tend to think about things like Drug Czar and DEA head, but another position […]

Tired philosophy

Doug Berman catches the irony in drug warrior John McCain cautioning against “the false promises and failed policies of a tired philosophy that trusts in government more than people.” Yep.

Odds and Ends

“bullet” John Morgan, co-author of Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts, died on Friday at the age of 67 from acute myeloid leukemia. “bullet” Via Transform, a powerfully fascinating look at drug war violence in Brazil. “bullet” Sci-Fi author David Brin has an interesting post Why The Candidates Should “Stipulate”. It’s a great idea — two opposing […]

Server problems

Update: Comments and posting were down Tuesday evening due to server problems. Sorry about that. Unfortunately, it meant that I couldn’t post anything to let you know about the problem.

An initiative in California

It’s still in the development stage, and it needs 434,000 signatures just to get on the ballot, but this one could stimulate some conversation.

Decriminalizes possession, cultivation, transportation, distribution, and use of marijuana or hemp. Provides persons convicted or serving time for non-violent offenses involving marijuana be immediately released from prison, jail, parole, or probation, and be eligible to have their convictions erased. Provides no permit, license, or tax be required for non-commercial cultivation, transportation, distribution, or consumption of marijuana. Allows doctors to prescribe or recommend marijuana to patients, regardless of age. Prohibits testing for marijuana for employment or insurance purposes. Bars state from aiding enforcement of certain federal marijuana laws. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Savings in the several tens of millions of dollars annually to state and local governments, which would no longer incur the costs of incarcerating and supervising certain marijuana offenders. A potential increase of a few million dollars annually in the cost of the stateČs Drug Medi-Cal substance abuse treatment program. (Initiative 07-0064.) (Full Text)

I like the audacity of it.

[Thanks to Alex and others]

Hitlerjugend hard at work

Students Ask School to Sweep for Drugs

Uh, huh.

Drug-sniffing dogs helped police confiscate marijuana and related paraphernalia yesterday morning from a handful of student vehicles at Thomas Worthington High School. The drug sweep was conducted at the request of the administration and students, Worthington police said. “We had had several drug-related incidents over at […]

UK Police: Sorry we busted down your door, woke you, and terrorized you for no reason, but don’t worry – we were actually right on 50 percent of our raids today