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January 2008



Freedom is the default position

I just saw a fun interview on the Colbert Report with Judge Andrew Napolitano (author of A Nation of Sheep) I haven’t read the book, so I can’t necessarily recommend it, but he sure knows how to say some great common-sense stuff (some paraphrasing here):

Freedom is the default position. Anything the government does takes […]

The White House doesn’t trust U.S. science, so it turns to New Zealand

Two studies:

A major study by a pulmonologist who has studied marijuana for 30 years. Funded by the United States National Institutes of Health’s National Institute on Drug Abuse. Largest study of its kind involving 2,240 people. Conclusion: No evidence of any association between marijuana and lung cancer, and even a suggestion of a protective […]

Elevator Arguments

Tonight, I gave my Elevator Arguments presentation to the Illinois State University chapter of SSDP. It’s always a lot of fun. The idea is to develop the skill of being able to make an argument for drug policy reform quickly (in the time you might have riding with someone on an elevator). And not only […]

Ryan Frederick update

Drug War Victim – Jarrod Shivers

Although Radley Balko’s been on top of this one, I haven’t talked about it yet. I’ve been waiting for a little more information, and it’s coming painfully slow. That, in itself, can lead one to suspect that there is some fishiness in the case. Regardless, it appears certain to me that police officer Jarrod Shivers […]

Open Thread

“bullet” Communities that feed on prisons. Jeralyn at TalkLeft talks about the New York Times article. Unions, the prison industry, and prison communities are fighting to keep prisons open and stocked because they’ve got their entire existence pegged to prison income.

Count me among those with no sympathy. America’s over-incarceration policies mean corporations make billions […]

Heroin users, Prohibitionists, Critics and Enablers

Mark Kleiman points to an excellent NPR story about an incredible, easy-to-use nasal spray that can save lives when applied quickly after a heroin overdose.

The nasal spray is a drug called naloxone, or Narcan. It blocks the brain receptors that heroin activates, instantly reversing an overdose. Doctors and emergency medical technicians have used Narcan […]

Think of the children

From the Drug Czar: Students Push For Random Drug Testing

Fear card used again

No surprise, but still…

The Bush administration announced yesterday that it is seeking $200 million to help cities fight violent crime, citing as one of its reasons, the U.S. Sentencing Commission’s decision to give convicted crack cocaine offenders a chance for an earlier release. Speaking before the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Attorney General Michael B. […]

Open Thread