Andrea’s still going

For those who have been following Drug WarRant for awhile, you may know that I like to keep tabs on what former ONDCP Deputy Director Andrea Barthwell is up to — particularly since she has such a history of… lying.
Andrea will be presenting: “Risky Behavior: What’s at Stake and How to Prevent It” tomorrow night in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

Barthwell plans to talk to parents about why teens are attracted to drugs, what are the ramifications of using them, and to dispel common myths about drugs.
“Based on her research, her expertise, she really has what is the latest up-to-date implications on drug use in our teenagers,” said Gilda Ross, District 87 student and community projects coordinator. […]
The workshop topics include:
Explaining how false belief marijuana is harmless and not addictive contribute to its use and dependence.
Citing evidence for increased potency of today’s drugs and relationship to risky behavior.

It amuses me when I hear drug warriors talk about how today’s scientific approach eliminates the quackery of patent medicines. But in reality, it seems like they just want to keep the entire “snake oil” business to themselves.

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