The Drug Czar running the war in Afghanistan?

Winning the hearts and minds of the people of Afghanistan.

KABUL, Afghanistan: The top U.S. anti-drug official said Saturday that Afghan poppies would be sprayed with herbicide to combat an opium trade that produced a record heroin haul this year, a measure likely to anger farmers and scare Afghans unfamiliar with weed killers.

I guess we’ve screwed up Afghanistan so badly already that the administration has decided we might was well turn the whole show over to John Walters to finish destroying the country, and ending hopes of protecting our interests in the region.

The Afghan government has not publicly said it will spray, and President Hamid Karzai has said in the past that herbicides pose too big a risk, contaminating water and killing the produce that grows alongside poppies.
But Walters said Karzai and other officials have agreed to ground spraying.
“I think the president has said yes, and I think some of the ministers have repeated yes,” Walters said without specifying when spraying would start. “The particulars of the application have not been decided yet, but yes, the goal is to carry out ground spraying.”

Who’s in charge of this lunatic asylum?

[Thanks, Allan]
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