Learning the Wrong Lessons

Via Blame the Drug War, comes the story of a drug suspect in Canada who shot two policemen (a third was shot by friendly fire) during a drug raid when he thought the people busting in were home invaders.
So the head of the police union realizes that a change is in order. Not re-evaluating when home invasion is used in drug investigations (which would make sense), but rather…

WINNIPEG needs a full-time, heavily armed SWAT team to respond to drug busts and other potentially dangerous searches, says the boss of the local police union.
Loren Schinkel noted every other major Canadian city has a tactical team dedicated to that kind of situation, while Winnipeg is taking a big gamble by calling out its Emergency Response Unit on a case-by-case basis.
“The reality is, with 80 per cent of the warrants executed in Winnipeg by the drug unit, weapons are located,” he said. “We’re really rolling the dice.”

Idiot. Using a full-time, heavily armed SWAT team for routine drug busts is not going to make them safer. But then again, he probably just wants to play with the cool toys. How many will die because he’s a moron?

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