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November 2006



Robyn Blumner on Friedman and the Drug War

A refreshing OpEd in the Minneapolis Star Tribune: Friedman made right call on legalization

… In a Newsweek article Friedman wrote in 1972, he took a step outside his realm of monetary policy and free marketeering and laid out in clear, unequivocal terms what kind of social disaster we were buying with Nixon’s drug war. […]

Fourth Amendment alive and crawling in front of my house

Living on West Market Street in Bloomington, Illinois, I’m used to seeing a lot of traffic stops. I don’t know if I saw this one, but it’s nice to know that there’s a judge in my area who believes that the Fourth Amendment still is important.

[redacted], was arrested following a traffic stop Feb. 8 […]


“bullet” Also at the Drug Czar’s “blog,” comes this bit of Thanksgiving advice

The good news is that the holiday season often provides us with quality family time and opportunities to talk to young people about the dangers of drugs.

I agree! And they even say: “Give honest answers.” Absolutely! So I’d pass on […]

Drug Czar funds grandma-killing?

So is the staff of the ONDCP daft, stupid, or just plain incompetent? How else do you explain the fact that

On Wednesday, the Drug Czar’s “blog” brags that… On Monday, the Drug Czar presented a check for $1.1 million to the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program in the Atlanta area, where On Tuesday, […]

Katherine Johnston, 92, Drug War Victim

It just never stops…

ATLANTA — Three Atlanta police officers were shot and wounded and an elderly woman killed at a house in northwest Atlanta Tuesday night.

The woman, who relatives say was 92-years-old, opened fire on the officers from the narcotics division at a house at 933 Neal Street, according to officials. Authorities say […]

Taking it to the next step?

Phillip Smith suggests a somewhat daring notion:

a direction action protest to surround and shut down DEA headquarters in suburban Arlington, Virginia. … Isn’t it about time to take concrete action against these latter day buccaneers? My activist friend suggested a national mobilization designed to bring thousands of people to DC to literally shut it […]

Open Thread

“bullet” In the Detroit News: Subject drug war to the Iraq War test by Nolan Finley

Yet while it only took three years for the American people to lose patience with the Iraq War, the drug war has been dragging on virtually unchallenged for three decades.

Given the cost, it’s baffling that taxpayers haven’t demanded […]

I forgot where I left my cheese.

I’m not sure what the Drug Czar’s “blog” is trying to say with this minimalist post:

Marijuana and Memory Loss Here’s the latest science (from Scientific American).

It’s an article about the fact that marijuana can affect short-term memory. Well… duh! Scientific American reports

…rats that had been trained to follow a specific series […]

I want a Silver Star, too!

Link So, if I break into a woman’s house, fully armed and armored, and then shoot her in her nightgown in her bedroom — three times to make sure she’s dead — do you think I could get one of those nifty awards for bravery?

Open Thread

“bullet” Welcome to the SSDP folks who participated in the Elevator Arguments workshop. Feel free to introduce yourself in comments. And let us know (or email me) if you have any questions about material for your concise speeches. There is some useful information at my FAQ page. “bullet” I’ve added a blog to the list […]