I forgot where I left my cheese.

I’m not sure what the Drug Czar’s “blog” is trying to say with this minimalist post:

Marijuana and Memory Loss
Here’s the latest science (from Scientific American).

It’s an article about the fact that marijuana can affect short-term memory.
Well… duh!
Scientific American reports

…rats that had been trained to follow a specific series of turns to get water–and did fine on the test before being intravenously injected with the drug–found themselves wandering in a daze under its influence…

Did anyone talk with the rats to actually see what they were experiencing? Maybe they were enjoying it. Maybe the rat was thinking “Dude. Look at the wall of this maze. I never realized how… grey it was before.” And is really such a bad thing that the rat decided not to mindlessly follow the same soulless path he was forced to repeat time and time again by the authorities? Is this a problem or a benefit?
To give the rats higher doses, they injected cannabinoids directly into the brains.
The one point in the article that was written with ominous tones was:

But the research also reveals that at the highest doses of synthetic cannabinoid, the rats failed to discover the right sequence of turns altogether. In other words, there may be a threshold level of the drug that entirely prohibits learning, and that is something worth remembering very clearly

That’s right — when you’re stoned (or at least when you’ve been injected in the brain with pot) — you may have trouble learning things. Again, we say, “well, duh!” Everybody knows that you should read the instructions to Chutes and Ladders before you get stoned (or just make up your own as you go).
Yes, pot affects your consciousness. That’s a feature.
And if the studies about pot and Alzheimers are true, then the pot smokers will have the last laugh as they help John Walters remember his own name in the retirement home.

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