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November 2006



Beyond Prohibition: What does sensible drug policy look like? (SSDP)

The final plenary session of the day. Eric Sterling, Criminal Justice Policy Foundation

Many reformers have a problem with the word “decriminalization.” However, from his perspective, the definition of decriminalization has potentially undergone some change. Original: Decriminalization means a minor sanction, users won’t be punished by we’ll still go after the traffickers. That doesn’t make […]

I finally get to meet all these people!

Scott Morgan (FlexYourRights), Radley Balko (Agitator and Reason), Nick Gillespie (Reason), Pete Guither (DrugWarRant) Gee, I wonder if Mark Kleiman is going to want a picture with me? [Update: He shook my hand, but was clearly not pleased to meet me, and laid in to me pretty severely for my accusations regarding his […]

Watchdogs or Lapdogs? Media Coverage of the War on Drugs (SSDP)

The mid-day plenary featured Bill Press (MSNBC), Clarence Page (Chicago Tribune) and was moderated by Ryan Grim (Capitol Leader and Clarence Page: The #1 sin in journalism is being inaccurate. The #2 sin is being dull. He defends the fact that the press often treats drugs and the drug war as a funny thing […]

Blogging from the Conference, part 1

Today’s activities are underway at the Students for Sensible Drug Policy conference. I’m going to try to live blog in sections throughout the weekend, so bear with me if some of this is sketchy or paraphrased. It’s all happening too fast to do much editing and re-writes! Before the start of the opening session, I […]

Hairy chests and other body parts

I found this article amusing: Home Office chided over ‘hairy chest’ policy

A LEADING chief constable attacked the Government’s “hairy chest” approach to law and order yesterday after Tony Blair announced a series of Home Office measures to tackle crime. Terry Grange criticised the constant introduction of new legislation which, he said, was done without […]

Good news in California

This is only a preliminary ruling, a California Superior Court Judge has slapped down three counties that were trying to back out of medical marijuana. San Diego, San Bernardino and Merced counties were trying to buck the voters and claim that they didn’t have to allow medical marijuana because the state law conflicted with federal […]

Robert’s Sharpe

I always enjoy reading his letters. Here’s one today in the Oregon Statesman Journal.

We’re not doing the Colombian people any favors by funding civil war. Nor are Americans being protected from drugs. Destroy the Colombian coca crop and production will boom in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. Destroy every last plant in South America and […]