“bullet” Also at the Drug Czar’s “blog,” comes this bit of Thanksgiving advice

The good news is that the holiday season often provides us with quality family time and opportunities to talk to young people about the dangers of drugs.

I agree! And they even say: “Give honest answers.” Absolutely! So I’d pass on the false information in their links.
Instead, try Safety First: A Reality-Based Approach to Teens, Drugs, and Drug Education
“bullet” And kids — Thanksgiving is also a good time to educate your parents on the dangers of the drug war. Take a moment to sit down with them and share what you’ve learned. Tell them that drug policy reform is about getting the profits out of the black market and putting criminals out of work. Tell them that prohibition does not stop drug use, but instead fosters violence. Tell them that their tax dollars are going toward making the U.S. the most-incarcerated country on the planet (with 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prison population). And that prohibition does absolutely nothing to help those with drug problems. Tell them that cops and religious leaders want a change, too.
And you older kids… you know who you are… the ones who are grown up and still won’t talk to their parents and friends about the drug war… Stop being afraid to talk about it!
“bullet” The rest of you — if you’re one of the lucky ones without a family member in jail for hurting nobody, take a moment to be thankful. And read a thanksgiving story from a few years ago.

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