Open Thread

“bullet” Welcome to the SSDP folks who participated in the Elevator Arguments workshop. Feel free to introduce yourself in comments. And let us know (or email me) if you have any questions about material for your concise speeches. There is some useful information at my FAQ page.
“bullet” I’ve added a blog to the list — The Social History of Alcohol and Drugs. It’s a different kind of blog — one that is more a comprehensive repository of useful information, both current and historical.
“bullet” Via Jamie Spencer: Want to win the War on Drugs? Just change the definition of “winning” —

The war against drugs in Houston is heating up. It’s a war some believe we are losing, but a war we can’t afford to lose said Captain Steve Smith with HPD Narcotics. “As long as we are fighting it then we are winning. And as long as you adapt to that and understand that, then you never think that law enforcement is losing the battle.”

“bullet” No surprise:

  1. We send lots of money to Colombia to supposedly fight a drug war.
  2. The government of President Alvaro Uribe is being shaken by its most serious political crisis yet, as details emerge about members of Congress who collaborated with right-wing death squads to spread terror and exert political control across Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

That’s right. We paid for it.
“bullet” Trailer park feminist does a nice take-down of the ONDCP’s “I’m above the influence” ad campaign.

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