More on the conference

Today was a day of activism workshops — including the panel I was on with David Guard and Doug McVay. Our panel was a blast — great fun and a huge turnout of really bright students with tons of good stuff to contribute. We could have gone for another hour easily.
After the session, I was talking to a couple of the students out in the atrium and we got into this great discussion (they were really interested in learning), and there was this guy who joined in who seemed to really be on top of things. Every subject we touched on, he had tons of useful information. By this point, I’m really getting a kick about this, but I’m also getting curious — I’ve been meeting all these drug policy professionals, could this be another one I didn’t know? (there was no name tag)
Well, it turns out it was one of the Drug WarRant crew who took time out of his life to come to the Georgetown Law Center, find me, and say hello. That made my day. Thanks!

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