A moment of peace

I’m only here for a couple of days and the conference is packed with such wonderful events, that I hadn’t really dealt in any coherent way with the fact that I’m in our nation’s capital (and I haven’t visited for about 15 years.
Quite frankly, I wasn’t very happy about being here. I’ve had a pretty sour view of politics and our nation’s “leaders.” And my first night here, I ate at a restaurant filled with pissant preppy political popinjays. I sat there quietly and listened to them talk — and to them, Washington was simply a big game of Monopoly, and the country was just a bunch of colored squares. I can’t imagine that they even care about drug war victims, or what mandatory minimums do to a community.
But late tonight I put my cynicism aside and took a little walk. From the hotel, I walked to the Capitol and then through the Mall to the Washington Monument. Past the fountains and the reflecting pool and up the stairs to Abe Lincoln’s Memorial.
I had to block the added security measures and construction from my mind, but very soon I started to feel the beauty and power. There was a presence. And I realized that the idiot politicians in office are ephemeral. They don’t have the power to destroy such historical power and significance.
And there was hope.
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