Stalking the Drug Czar

At Regulate Marijuana:

I showed up at the TV studio this morning and was greeted by dozens of secret service agents. The drug czar is traveling with a huge security detail, clearly spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money just to be here. The interview went very well. Predictably, Walters made some outrageous statements about Question 7. And unbelievably, he announced on NBC this morning that he’s here in Nevada to hand out taxpayer dollars to local opposition groups because they can’t raise enough money on their own to put up TV ads opposing Question 7. This is an outrageous abuse of taxpayer funds by a federal agency. How do you like knowing that your tax dollars are going toward funding groups who oppose passing Question 7?

And, of course, the Drug Czar is giving away money in Colorado as well (the other state with a major marijuana legalization initiative).
I’m calling up my Senator’s office and asking why my federal tax dollars are being used to interfere with a local election. If the federal government has no more important financial needs than that, can I please have those dollars back?
Time to de-fund the Drug Czar.

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