I must avoid using the word Terminator in this post…

The drug czar’s “blog” seems to think it’s cool these days. More light commentary, but the same amount of absolute clueless stupidity.
Check out this item

Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed an industrial hemp bill in California over the weekend. He probably saw the issue for what it is: a sideshow promoted by pro-drug groups who want to legalize marijuana.

A picture named arniepot.jpgYeah, that’s gotta be it……..

Of course, the Governor’s stated reason (pdf) doesn’t make any more sense.

Unfortunately, I am very concerned that this bill would give legitimate growers a false sense of security and a belief that production of “industrial hemp” is somehow a legal activity under federal law.


For something closer to the true story, I’d look here:

“Governor Schwarzenegger’s veto is a let down for thousands of farmers, business people, and consumers that want to bring back industrial hemp to California to create jobs, new tax income and to benefit the environment,” says Eric Steenstra founder and president of Vote Hemp, the nation’s leading industrial hemp farming advocacy group. “The veto was not based on facts but instead an irrational fear he would look soft on drugs in an election year. His veto message shows he knew industrial hemp is an economic development and agriculture issue, but he instead allowed himself to be cowed by confused drug war lobbyists. AB 1147 would have reigned in the over reach by federal authorities that has prevented non-drug industrial hemp varieties of cannabis from be being grown on US soil for fiber and seed. It is disingenuous to cite federal restrictions when drug war lobbyists refuse to sit down with the large coalition of farmers, business people and environmentalists who crafted the industrial hemp legislation. Industrial hemp will continue to be the only crop that is legal to import, sell and consume, but illegal to grow, in California.”

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