Good grief

I was curious to see what George Will would say about the drug war in his new column in this coming Monday’s Newsweek: Prohibition II: Good Grief. It started out on track…

When government restricts Americans’ choices, ostensibly for their own good, someone is going to profit from the paternalism.
Perhaps Prohibition II is being launched because Prohibition I worked so well at getting rid of gin. Or maybe the point is to reassure social conservatives that Republicans remain resolved to purify Americans’ behavior. Incorrigible cynics will say Prohibition II is being undertaken because someone stands to make money from interfering with other people making money.

But then I got a little confused

For whatever reason, last Friday the president signed into law Prohibition II. You almost have to admire the government’s plucky refusal to heed history’s warnings about the probable futility of this adventure.

Huh? How did he sign the drug war into law when it’s already been going on for decades?

This time the government is prohibiting Internet gambling by making it illegal for banks or credit-card companies to process payments to online gambling operations on a list the government will prepare.

… Oh.
Well, I agree with much of what he says about the internet gambling ban, but…
How can you talk about Prohibition I and Prohibition II and never mention the drug war?

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