Drug Czar’s ad comes back to haunt him?

Remember Pete’s Couch? The new ad from the Drug Czar? The one that said all that happened when someone smoked pot was that they spent 11 hours on Pete’s couch?
At the time, I said…

Of course, it does force the obvious question, “Why are we locking people up for doing this?”

Well, it looks like the Drug Czar is going to be asked that question. Big time.
Via Philip Smith at StoptheDrugWar,org

Marijuana Initiative Campaign to Unveil Billboard Highlighting Drug Czar’s Ad Calling Marijuana Use the “Safest Thing in the World”
Amendment 44 proponents welcome the Drug Czar to town with hope that he will continue valuable education campaign
Amendment 44 proponents to hold events in Colorado Springs (9:30 a.m.) and Denver (12:30 p.m.) to coincide with Drug Czar’s visit.

This is happening tomorrow. Sounds like fun!

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