Open Thread

“bullet” Maia Szalavitz asks the Democrats the right question. [thanks, Tom]
“bullet” Latino Leaders Take Position Against Drug War.

Mendoza said, “As Latinos, we are finally waking up to the fact that this war is a waste of money and resources, all of which could help us re-build our communities and families instead of destroying them.”

‘Bout time. [thanks mirjan]
It’s definitely time for Democrats, Latinos, African Americans and a number of other powerful groups to find where they left their balls and stop rolling over and begging to get their values ground into the dust by the drug war.
More reading
“bullet” Jacob Sullum on the utter stupidity of our efforts in Afghanistan:

Costa is demanding that the Afghan government wipe out half of the country’s economy, with conspicuous assistance from U.S. and British forces. Does that sound like a recipe for peace and stability?

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