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September 2006
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Open Thread

“bullet” It’s 911. Remember that the drug war and the DEA create lucrative profits for criminals. Including terrorists.

Open Thread

Well, I made it to Prague, and am having a great time. Saw one thing that might interest you folks in a store window: Triple filtered Cannabis Vodka (I have no idea). So what’s going on? I hear that the DEA says 98% of eradicated pot is ditchweed

Your brain


The Four Noble Truths

A powerful story.

[Thanks, Mirjan]

Unbelievable quote of the day

“The DEA does not belong in the practice of medicine.”

– Karen Tandy

(See Scott Morgan’s post.)

Guest Rants

Daksya has a great idea — prepare your own guest rant and send it to me. I’ll select rants to post every few days.

Pushing Backwards

The Drug Czar’s “blog” is particularly entertaining today. A simple post listing several items, including…

If you care about our environment, specifically our public lands, don’t smoke pot.

The man who has had a huge responsibility for the destruction of the environment worldwide through the promotion of drug war policies that make environmental destruction profitable […]

On the Road

I’ll be leaving later today to start my vacation trip to Prague, Czech Republic; the mountains of Slovakia; Budapest, Hungary; and Vienna Austria. I’ll be back on September 25.

During the next few weeks, blogging will be much lighter. I’ll be taking my laptop with me, and will occasionally stop in some coffee shop […]

Open Thread

“bullet” Karen Tandy retaliating against whistle blower. Scott Morgan follows up on the Narcosphere reporting.

“bullet” Come back and talk to us when you’re a senior, Megan, and you have something more coherent to say.

“bullet” Drugs and War at Underdog Blog

Hemp Food Blogging

The wonderful people at Nutiva sent me some of their hemp foods to try. Naturally, you’re welcome to take with a grain of salt anything I say about free stuff I get, but I’ll only say good things if I mean them.

I’m a huge fan of shelled hempseeds. The actual hemp seed is […]