Urgent Action Item

This is late coming to you because of my vacation — I had very little internet access on top of the mountain at Lomnicky Stit in Slovakia, and I’m now in the basement of an open-late internet store in Budapest — but please follow through on this action alert from SSDP:

This week, out of nowhere, the House will vote on a bill giving school officials and police much broader authority to search public school students for drugs. Under the bill, groups of dozens of hundreds of students could be searched on the mere suspicion that just one of them has drugs.
This is the same logic that allowed police officers to storm a high school in Goose Creek, SC, in 2003, forcing dozens of students to the ground and pointing guns directly at their faces during a misguided raid in which no drugs were found.
The new bill, the deceptively named “Student and Teacher Safety Act,” wasn’t supposed to go anywhere, but its sponsor, Rep. Geoff Davis (R-KY) is in a tight race this November and has convinced the Republican leadership to bring his bill directly to the floor (completely skipping the committee process) so he can tell his constituents that he’s doing something in Washington.
But, because of the shady legislative tricks, we only need to get 1/3 of the House to vote against the bill to kill it.
We’ve got a real chance to stop this bill, and we would appreciate it if you could point your readers to the action alert that Students for Sensible Drug Policy has set up at:
More information about the bill, as well as video footage of the 2003 Goose Creek raid, is available on SSDP’s blog at:

Take action now.

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